Is Your Lifestyle Weakening Your Immune System

When John Travolta was still a teen, he did a pretty good movie called The Boy in the Plastic Bubble. It was about a boy who just wanted to live like other people and couldn’t because his immune system didn’t protect him as it should. Without an immune system, no one could survive for long.

What Does the Immune System Do?

The immune system protects the body against microorganisms, the bacteria and viruses that are usually just called germs. The immune system is the body’s ultimate defense mechanism, recognizing what belongs within the body and what is an invader and should be destroyed. When operating at peak efficiency, the immune system protects against illness and infection.


The immune system can also malfunction. When someone has an organ transplant, the recipients of the new organ must take anti-rejection drugs or the immune system will react as if the transplant is foreign and should be destroyed. Hay fever is another example of an immune system overreaction to a harmless invader, the pollen. The immune system can also be weakened by outside influences and lifestyle choices.

Are You Weakening Your Own Immune System?

The key to good health is a strong immune system working 24/7 to protect the body. However, just living can be tough on the immune system. Everyone lives in a world surrounded by germs and fungi, some harmless, some not. The alternative to living in a plastic bubble is to do whatever is possible to strengthen the immune system. One way to boost your immune system is to Buy 4Life transfer factor products.

Some factors that weaken the immune system include:

Stress. This is a biggie and hard to get away from. Relaxation techniques like yoga and tai chi, regular exercise and learning to set priorities and boundaries can help to reduce stress.

Sedentary Lifestyle. Modern life encourages too much sitting and too little exercise, especially as we get older. Even children are getting less outdoor exercise than children once did.

Loneliness. Research has found that people who live alone, especially men, are more prone to illness than people who are married or actively involved in their communities. A recent study found that loneliness leads to an increased anxiety which suppresses and stresses the immune system.

Nicotine. Whether from cigarettes, cigars or e-cigarettes, the body is still being exposed to nicotine which is harmful to the immune system.

Alcohol. Excessive drinking seriously compromises the immune system’s ability to repel invading pathogens.
Boost the Immune System with 4Life Products

The most popular of the 4life health products are designed to boost and support the immune system. If your life is stressful, you may want to buy 4life transfer factor plus to counteract the negative effects of a modern lifestyle on the immune system.

Buy 4Life Transfer Factor Products to help you enhance your immune system. Make some lifestyle changes as well and live life to the fullest.

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